Dept Logo The progress of any Country is measured by the Infrastructure available for the Individuals and the groups. The Department of Civil Engineering plays a pivotal role in the development of Infrastructure necessary for individuals and also that of a nation. Probably, we have the best quality Labs with the most advanced and Costly equipment in the CE Labs to enhance the knowledge of our students who are supposed to play a great role in building Navyandhra ( the Modern. A.P.) The Faculty includes experienced people including a doctorate and several P.Gs with Industry Experience as well as Teaching Experience. Several workshops & Exhibitions are conducted every year to promote practical skills in our students. Studio-2015 was such a highly successful workshop acclaimed as the best by the visitors. Every passed out student got Job in 2014 and opportunities are ready for the students of 2015.

Details of Laboratories:


Name of Laboratory

Floor Area in

Investment in

List of major Equipment

1 STRENGTH OF MATERIALS LAB 75 3.75 1. Universal Testing Machine with Shear Attachment(40 Tons)
2. Torsion Testing Machine
3. Impact Testing Machine (Izod & Charpy)
4. Rockwell cum Brinell Hardness Tester
5. Compression Testing Machine (Electrically Operated)
6. Spring Testing Machine
7. Continuous Beam Setup
8. Deflection of Beam Setup
9. Electrical Resistance Strain Gauge
2 Concrete Technology Lab(CT LAB) 75 2.45 1.Vicat’s apparatus
2.Slump cone apparatus
5.Cube moulds (150*150*150)
6.Cube moulds (7.06*7.06cm)
7.IS sieve no.9 (90 microns)
8.Weighing balance (capacity 150 kg)
10. Measuring jars(1000ml,500ml250ml-2,25ml)
11.Lechatlier apparatus
12.Sieves (coarse aggregate)(8 no.s)
13.Length gauge
14.Elongation gauge
3 Environmental Engineering Lab 75 1.24 1) Hot Plates
2) Stands
3) Conical Flask (250ml)
4) Burette
5) Pippet
6) Beakers (100ml)
7) Measuring Jars(500ml)
8) Jar test apparatus
9) pH metre
10) Turbidity metre
11) Conductivity metre
12) Beaker (50ml)
13) Beaker (1000ml)
14) Heating Mantle
15) Centrifuge 6 tubes
4 Engineering Geology 75 2.24 1. Minerals in a wooden box , small specimens
2. Rocks set of 20 in wooden box , small specimens
3. Mohr’s scale box
4. Streak plates
5. Mineral map of India size 90 x 70 cm 1:5
6. Brunton compass
7. 3D geographical plastic relief models interior of the earth showing
inner ,outer material and information of the earth
8. 3D geographical plastic relief models rocks and volcanoes
showing in detail the sedimentary rocks, igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks and volcanoes
5 FM & HM Lab 150 6.24 1) Francis Turbine
2) Impact Of Jet Apparatus
3) Loss Of Head Due To Sudden Contraction
4) Multi Stage Centrifugal Pump
5) Pelton Wheel Pipe Friction
6) Reciprocating Pump
7) Single Stage Centrifugal Pump
8) Venturimeter & Orifice metre setup
9) Triangular Notch
10) Bernoullis Apparatus
11) Hydraulic Jump
12) Stop Watch
6 Geotechnical Lab(GT Lab) 75 3.24 1.Liquid limit apparatus
2.Direct shear test (Box apparatus )
3.Set of sieves(6 no.s)
4.Sieve Shaker
5.Sand Replacement Cylinder
6.Core Cutter
7.Permiability Test Apparatus
8.Compaction Factor test Apparatus
a) Light Duty b) Heavy Duty 9.CBR Test Apparatus
10.UnConfined Compression Test Apparatus
11.Consolidated Test Apparatus
7 Surveying Lab (I&II) 150 3.12 1) Levelling Staff 4m size
2) Theodalite
3) Plane Tables
4) Trough Compass
5) Alidades
6) Spirit Level
7) Dumpy Level
8) Tripods (Dumpy Level)
9) Tripods (Total Station)
10) Tripods (Plane Table)
11) Ranging Rods
12) Pegs
13) Hammers
14) Cross Staff
15) Compass
16) Tape (30m)
17) Chains(30m)
18) Total Station
19) Plumb Bob
20) Plumb Fork
21) Tripods
22) Prism

List of Licensed Softwares:


Name of the Software


1 STAAD Pro V8i
2 Auto CAD 2014