Dept Logo The Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department was started in the year 2007 with student strength of 60.The department of Electrical Engineering is armed with qualified and well-experienced faculty members. The department offers UG program with an intake of 60.
The Department is equipped with permanent infrastructure and furnished laboratories with all the equipments.The Department has qualified and experienced Faculty Members.

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List of major Equipment

1 Electrical Circuits Lab 100 2.36 1. Series & Parallel Resonance Transients
2. Time Response Of First Order RC/RLNetwork Trainer
3. Millimens &Compensation Theorem
4. Two Port Network Parameters
5. Verification Of Superposition Theorem
6. Verification Of Maximum Power Transfer Theorem
7. Thevenin’s & Norton’s theorem
8. Frequency Response Of Low Pass Filter
9. Frequency Response Of High Pass Filter
2 Power Electronics Lab 75 3.36 1. Study characteristics of SCR,MOSFET,IGBT
2. Gate firing circuit for SCR
3. Single phase ac voltage controller
4. 1-Ф full controlled bridge converter
5. Force commutation circuit
6. 1-Ф half controlled bridge converter
7. 1-Ф series inverter
8. 1-Ф mc-murry inverter
9. 1-Ф dual converter
10. R-load
11. R-L-load
3 Control Systems Lab 75 3.76 1.Linear System Simulator Trainer Kit
2.Synchro Transmitter & Receiver Kit
3. DC Servomotor Characteristics
4.Microprocessor Based PID Controller Study With Temperature Closed Loop System
5.Lead-Lag Compensation Design Trainer Kit
6.Magnetic Amplifier Trainer Kit
7.AC Servomotor Characteristics Trainer Kit
4 Electrical Measurements Lab 100 2.34 1.Crompton-Potentiometer
2.Standard Cell
3.Volt Ratio Box
4.Super Sensitive Galvanometer
5.DC Current Shunt
6.Industrial Kelvin Double Bridge
7.Resistence Coils(0.1Ω&5Ω)
8.Resistence Coil(4 Terminal 0.2Ω)
9.Digital Null Detector
10.Capacitance Box
11.Inductance Coil(50mh)
12.Schering Bridge
13.Anderson Bridge
14.1-Ф Energy Meter
15. Wire Wound Rheostat
16.Stop Watch
17.Dc Power Supply (2v Fixed/250ma)
18.Stead Make
19.DC Power Supply(0-30V/0-2A)
20.DC Power Supply(0-6V/0-5A)
21.Conductor Lamp
5 Electrical Machines Lab 754 4.34 1.BEC Make 5HP ,220v,1500RPM Footmounted Type DC Shunt Motor
2.MS Base Plate &Mechanical Loading Arrangement
3. 3-Point Starter
4. BEC Make 5HP,220v, 1500RPM DC Shunt Generator Set
5. 3-Point Starter
6. BEC Make 5HP,220V,1500rpm C Shunt Motor Coupled To 3 Phase 415v 1500rpm 3.5KVA Alternator
7. MS Base Plate ,Flexible Coupling
8. 3-Point Starter
9. MS Base Plate Coupling
10. BEC/Crompton Greases Make 3 Plate Phase 5 HP,1500rpm Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
12.MS Baseplate &Mechanical Loading Arrangement
13.DOL Starter
14. 1-Phase Step Down Transformer
15. 3-Phase Loading Rheostats
16. MECO Make Moving Iron AC Volt Meter (5/10A)
17. MECO Make Portable Moving Coil DC Volt Metes Rating:15/30V 300/600V 50/300V
18.MECO Make Portable Movi Volt Meters Rating :10/20V
19. MECO Make 1 Phase UPF Wattmeter Potential Coil 150/300V ,5/10A
20. Stead Make Rheostats Rating :145 0hm/2.8 A 360ohm/1.2A
21. Digital Hand Held Contact Type Tacho Meter Range 0.5 To 19999rpm
22. 1-Phase Air Cooled Table /Flour Mounting Type Auto T/F
23. 3-Phase Air Cooled Table /Flour Mounting Type Auto T/F
24. 3phase Air Cooled Type Rectifier Unit
25. MECO Make Moving Iron AC Ammeter
26. MECO Make LPF Wattmeter
27. Stead Make Rheostats Rating : 145/2.8A 360m/1.2A 200ohm/1.7A
28. BEC Make 5HP,220V,1500rpm Foot Mounted Type DC Compound Motor
29. BEC Make5hp,220V,1500rpm DC Series Generator Set
30. BEC Make 5HP,220V,1500rpm DC Series Motor Oupled To 5HP , 220V , 1500rpm DC Generator Set
31.Control Panel Board For DC Compound Motor
32. Control Panel Bandfordcshunt Motor , Coupled To DC Series Generator
33. Control Panel Bandfordc Series Motor , Coupled To DC Series Generator
34. 3-Point Starter
35. MECO Make Portable Moving Iron AC Voltmeter
36. .MECO Make Portable Moving Coil DC Voltmeter Rating 15/300V 150/300V
37. Moving Coil DC Volt Meter Rating 300/600V
38. Moving Coil AC Voltmeters
39. Stead Make Rheostat 300ohm/1.7A
40. 3-Phase 415V,3.5KVA Self Starting Type Synchronous Motor
41. 1-Phase 2HP ,230V,1440rpm Induction Motor
42. MECO Make Portable Moving Iron AC Voltmeter
43. Stead Make Rheostate
44. 3-Phase Loading Rheostat
45. MECO Make 1 Phase LPF Wattmeter 75/150/300V,1/2A
46. Digital Hand Held Tacho Meter
47. MECO Make 1 Phase LPF Wattmeter Potential Coil : 150/300/600V Current Coil : 10/20A

List of Licensed Softwares:


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1 MATLAB 14a